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Coming to a new country not knowing anyone. Wouldn’t it be nice if anyone would say hi?

In a country that takes generations to belong, a hi has been misperceived as difficult. It has been tangled into a mix of debates, politics and terms. It has disappeared in the country where everything is lagom.

Lagom brought us here. To the likes and shares. To the best welfare but highest loneliness. To the sitting 10 meter from each other on the tunnelbana. To the sneakpeeking on our neighbours through the keyhole before going out.

It’s time to say goodbye to lagom, and hi to the new.

Saying hi means knowing how to high-five and how to laugh with people. How to explain the word candy pig (really weird word, btw) and how to play soccer together. Actually, it also means surviving an awkard silence or a minor cultural difference when necessary.

In our time today, saying hi actually requires extraordinary people. People that are breaking out through the mundane. That are throwing out mellanmjölk in the garbage. That can switch their falukorv towards baba ganoush. That are leaving everything that is lagom behind locked doors. That are choosing to challenge the average and change the world, not by words – but through simple action.

Frankly, we’re at an important cross road. One that will affect where we as a country end up. Goodbye lagom… hi to the new!

Welcome App

It’s an app with all the fine stuff as automatic translation, simple matching, chat and activities. You can reach out to anyone and will get answered within a couple of hours. But frankly – it’s just an app. There are thousands of app in the world. The cool stuff and the real value comes from the people using it. Filling it with all kinds of imaginary creative content. Such as “what does candy pig mean”.


October, you’re in for a treat! Now you can get a free “matkasse” with with mouth-dripping delicious wraps, when you meet people through Welcome App. Coop and Welcome! at your service.

The very simple how-to manual
One. Sign up using the link
Two. Invite people for the dinner. Use Welcome! and write a reach out with #coopwelcome
Three. Share a photo when you meet and make us all hungry. #coopwelcome

The fine prints
* Only in Stockholm
* Matkasse for four people

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simple connections made

Enough in the world today is complicated. Our Facebook status can be complicated. Even the choices of lunch places can be. Therefore we want it simple. We believe in simple connections. A simple connection is something that doesn’t take up your whole life but still adds value. Such as a coffee. Simple as that.





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